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One of the most important things for many dogs is teaching them how to go to bed in their place. It requires some patience to be done the right way.

The process is straightforward to train and teach your dog. You can start by teaching them the basics of laying down on command. From there, you can put their bed in a good location and lure them there with treats. Once they are there, you can teach them to lie down on their bed with a new command.

When it comes to dog training, many people hesitate when they think about the time and effort involved. However, training them to go to bed is one of the easier tasks when done correctly with commands. You will learn the exact process in this guide so your dog will become well-behaved and understand quickly.

If this is your first time training a dog, don’t be discouraged. They are loving creatures that embrace attention and reward systems based on their instincts. You can follow these steps to teach your dog how to go to bed.  

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How To Train & Teach Dogs To Go To Bed

Many people have a tough time training their dogs to go to bed. They struggle with the idea of going to bed because they want their dog to follow them and be with them. However, it’s not always possible to let your dog sleep in your bed.

There are many different ways in which dogs can be trained and taught how to go to sleep, but all of these techniques should be done in a way that is safe for your dog. So before you start training your dog, you must decide on the technique that will work best for your dog.

We go into detail about the best easy to train and teach a dog to go to bed below. These steps should be followed carefully to ensure training is done the right way for the best results.

1. Teach Your Dog to Lie Down

The first step in teaching your dog to go to bed is teaching them to lie down. This is a very important step because it sets an example for your dog and helps them learn how they should act when you are not around.

Teaching your dog to lie down will help them learn how to get comfortable enough for sleep by resting their head on their paws or the floor as they do during naps. Many dogs need time to adjust before they can rest comfortably at night, so don't rush this process.

If your dog already has this ability, you can move on to the next step to start teaching them how to go to bed.

2. Establish Training Commands

Training commands can be effective in helping dogs understand what behavior is expected of them. For instance, if you say "bed" the dog will know that it is time for them to go lay down in their bed.

It is a good idea for both the dog and its owner to create a set of commands that can be used in various situations. You should establish a command for this before moving on in the training process.

Once you have a command, it will take some time for your dog to learn it but by the end of this process, they will know exactly what to do when the command is used.

3. Show Your Dog Their Bed

Now that you have a command, you can show your dog to their bed. This can be done by walking over and sitting down near the area so they will follow you. If they are tentative, you may need to lure them over with a tread.

It is good to have a few treats with you every time during this as a reward cue. While you are teaching them the command on their bed, the treat is their motivation to pay attention and listen to what you are telling them.

4. Allow Them to Investigate the Area

Once you get your dog to their bed and you have your treats with you as a reward, it is smart to allow your dog sometime in the area. Monitor how they act and see what they think of the bed area.

The solution is to allow your dog to investigate the area where the bed is before teaching them the command so that they know what it looks like and what it means. After they have spent some time investigating, you can move on to teach them their new command.

5. Command Them to Lie Down

You can now start by commanding your dog to lie down but on the bed. They know how to lie down already so it should be easy. Once they oblige, you can reward them with a treat.

Now while they lie down, you should let them remain there for a bit before they get too anxious to move. By allowing them to lay there, they are learning that this is a space for them to come to lie down.

It is also important to use your new command during this process. Work in your command phrase “Bed” when possible so they will understand what it means in the future.

6. Increase Training Time

Now that they have learned the basics, you will need to make the process more advanced for them to keep improving.

One way of doing this is to have the dog lie down for a longer period before they are rewarded with a treat. This will keep them interested in being trained and will help them develop the skill more.

You should monitor how well they do as you make them wait longer for the reward. If they fail and get up before you allow it, start over by using your “sit” or “lie down” command without any reward.

7. Test Their Ability

Once they have mastered the previous steps, you can begin to test their skills more. For example, try sitting on the couch and command your dog to go to their bed.

If this is working, you can even try it in a different room to see if they understand and will listen. You can expect most dogs to pick this up pretty quickly, but it is important to always remain patient.

How To Make Your Dog’s Bed Appealing

To keep your dog from being bored and lonely, you should put his or her bed in a central room with a favorite toy. This will make the dog feel more comfortable and will prevent it from destroying your living space.

Dogs are more attracted to things that they are familiar with. If your dog loves your favorite toy, it will want to sleep near it. You should find a spot in your house that is a safe area that could be a comfortable location for your dog to call their own.

Dogs love to have a place of their own to sleep. With the variety of beds on the market, it can be hard to know what kind of bed is perfect for your dog.

You should consider your dog’s age and size when picking out the bed. Keep in mind that dogs like soft bedding like blankets or pillows with their beds.

Make sure you wash the sheets every month to keep them fresh. Keep in mind how many dogs are in your household when picking out a style too. If you have multiple dogs, try to differentiate the beds as best as you can so each dog has their own space.

The bed should be appealing to your dog because it gives him a sense of security and safety while he/she spends time on it.

Where Should You Put Your Dog’s Bed?

One of the most important factors when deciding where to put your dog’s bed is how much space it takes up. If you have a small house or apartment, it might be more difficult to find enough room for your dog’s bed.

It is important to provide your dog with a bed that is not only comfortable but also safe. For this reason, it is important to know where you should put your dog’s bed and keep it out of harm’s way. However, there are a few key factors that you can keep in mind when making this decision.

A good dog bed is extremely important for your pet’s health. It is not just about comfort but also about their overall health. A lot of people place their dog's bed in the bedroom, but this may be bad for its overall health.

You should place your dog’s bed in a comfortable place. We even recommend allowing your dog to warm up to your home first and monitoring the areas they like best in your house. This could be a good indication of where the bed should go.

As a general rule, placing your pet's bed in a central area near you will help you increase the independence of your dog and allow both of you to be separate at times. However, keep it close enough so your dog does not feel disconnected or anxious.