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When it comes to naming your girl pitbull, you are going to want to pick something that sticks and fits well with your pup’s personality.

Some of the most popular and unique ideas for girl pitbull names are Ronda, Ruth, Arya, Greta, Simone, Luna, Harley, Billie, Malala, Leia, Daisy, Xena, and Lois. However, we find it is best to choose a name that fits the personality of your pitbull after spending at least a few weeks together.

Choosing a name for your girl pitbull can feel pretty intimidating because once you have made a choice, you have got to stick with it - especially if you have been using it for a few months or even a year. With that being said, it can be hard to choose a name for your pitbull right off the bat, as it’s nice to get to know your pup a little bit before making a commitment, which is why you should spend the first few weeks really getting to know your pup so that you can select a name that truly fits - instead of making an impulsive decision. To help you choose the right name for your pup, we are going to share some of our most popular and unique ideas for girl pitbull names.

After years of working as a dog trainer, I have helped so many pet owners get acquainted with their pups by giving them guidance on how to choose the right name for their dogs. I have found that the more connected you get with your pitbull early on, the easier it is to make such a big decision.

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Girl Pitbull Names

Pitbulls are one of the toughest and coolest breeds out there and are considered to be an icon among American breeds. These muscular pups are strong, energetic, and are usually very loving and caring. These amazing traits have been notoriously subdued by the media due to a common trend of pit bull attacks on people. While this has been a theme with some pit bulls, this is by no means the nature of the breed.

The reason that pit bulls have, unfortunately, developed this reputation is due to a lack of guidance and training from owners. Given that pit bulls are genetically so tough, they often attract owners that like to glorify their self-image by getting a dog that makes up for their own insecurities. These owners generally do a horrible job training their pit bulls and actually encourage their dogs to be aggressive, which leads to the occasional pit bull attack that we read about in the media.

Do not let this negative attention distract you from the incredible qualities of this breed. Pitbulls, like all dogs, will manipulate the qualities of their owner, which is why you should give your pup all the love that it needs. And when you do, you will find that pit bulls are incredibly sweet, loyal, and loving animals that will always stand by their owner. With that being said, pit bulls undeniably have a tough exterior despite their inner kindness, which is why it’s best to fit a name that fits those qualities.

When I named my girl pitbull, I tried to think of some awesome, powerful women in this world that shared similar qualities to my pup. Before naming her, I spent the first few weeks getting to know her so that I could gauge her personality and really pick a name that stuck. While most pet owners like to pick their pup’s name right away, experts say that it is usually best to wait a few weeks. In fact, dog trainers actually recommend that you never pick your dog’s name until they are at least 12 - 16 weeks old until they are susceptible to basic training. Here are some names that you can consider.


If there is one name that fits the tough chick exterior of a girl pitbull it is Ronda! This is a great name for your pup, as it is inspired by the legendary UFC fighter Ronda Rousey.

This powerful woman is an all-star athlete and is as tough as she is cool. Throughout her career, she has been a UFC world champion and has defeated some of the most competitive fighters within her division, which has made her one of the greatest women’s professional fighters of all time.

In addition, she is a mixed martial arts master and is also an Olympian. She won gold for the United States in 2008 in Judo, which makes her a world-class athlete. However, she has got plenty of brains to match her bronze, as Ronda Rowsey has also written a book about her success in life.

This is a great name for your girl pit bull. If you spend a few weeks with your pitbull and find that she is as tough and as smart as Ronda is, you may have just found the perfect match for your pup. You can also try implementing Ronda Rowsey’s nickname ‘Rowdy’ into the mix if you prefer that better. That might be a great addition to throw in - especially if you find that your girl pitbull has got plenty of energy.


If you want your girl pitbull to be a contender for one of the most iconic female figures of all time, you might want to consider Ruth as an option. We decided on this awesome name as one of our most popular and unique ideas for girl pitbull names due to the influence and inspiration of the one and only Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Few women in this world can claim achievements similar to this social and political icon whose work has fueled the feminist movement and improved the quality of life of all women. Ruth Beta Ginsberg had a voice and she used it to make this world a better place. With her passing just this last year, we decided to reflect on her achievements in life and carry on her name by making it one of the best names you can name your girl pit bull.

Throughout her life, Ruth Bader Ginsberg has personally overcome sexism and misogyny, became the first established female law professor at Columbia University, stood up to the supreme court multiple times (and won), co-founded the ACLU, and is considered the most legendary supreme court justice of all time. She is an icon in American society and culture and is viewed as one of the leaders of women’s rights.

While we do not expect your girl pitbull to live up to these expectations, they could serve as a source of inspiration for your pup to stand up for what is right. We think that Ruth is a great name for a girl pit bull - especially if your pup is showing great signs of intelligence and a positive yet rebellious attitude towards undermining authority.


A name that we rarely hear used for girl pit bull is Arya. This name sounds elegant and has a nice feel to it for a girl dog name, which is why we think it could be a popular and unique idea.

Now, most of you that are familiar with this name probably know it from the legendary TV series, Game of Thrones. In the show, there is a young girl named Arya Stark who is the daughter of Ned Stark and the brother of John Snow, which makes her a very important character. Throughout the show, we watch Arya transform from a young girl into a tough and unstoppable assassin on a mission to stop all of those who have wronged her.

Arya’s character is resilient, empowered, and driven, which is why we think that this would be a great name for a girl pit bull. If your pup has confidence that is equally matched by intelligence, then Arya may just be the name for your girl pit bull. However, be sure to look for these personality traits early on in your pup so that the name fits.

However, if you are a fan of Game of Thrones, then opting for a name like Arya may just be an impulsive decision to satisfy your guilty pleasures. In which case, no judgment - we understand!


Not every girl pitbull needs to be named after a political or social icon - some just need an appropriate and fitting name that suits their personality. One name that we are particularly in love with for girl pitbulls is Luna. This name idea is popular, unique, and humble.

Most pit bulls will have a pretty tough exterior that does not always reflect their true personality. In fact, most pit bulls I know are some of the sweetest dogs I have ever met and rarely if ever meet the mean stereotype that they have been slandered with.

We think Luna is a great name for a girl pit bull that is sensitive, caring, and relatively tame. The word Luna comes from the word lunar, which is tied to the moon. The sleepy and dreamy nature that the moon tends to bring to our psyche makes us feel that Luna is a great name for a thoughtful girl pit bull whose behavior is relatively chilled out.

This could be a perfect name if your girl pitbull likes to lay around the house a bit and has a more introspective personality. In addition, this could be a great name for a girl pit bull who shows a lot of loyalty. Given that the moon watches over the Earth, if you feel like your pit bull is protective of you and likes to be around you, this may be a perfect match.


The first thing that most of us think of when we hear the name Harley is the famous motorcycle company, Harley Davidson. We think that this is a popular and unique name for a girl pit bull and can fit the personality and demeanor of a lot of dogs.

It goes without saying that when we look at a Harley Davidson we immediately think that the motorcycle looks and sounds pretty tough, which can be quite fitting for a lot of girl pit bulls. However, the real inspiration for this name actually comes from the fun comic book character, Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn is a crowd favorite in the comic book world and for good reason. She is a sweet girlish, supervillain that we all just can’t help but love. Her upbeat and bubbly personality make her highly likable and these are traits that could easily be found in a lot of pit bulls.

We think that Harley Quin is a perfect source of inspiration for a girl pit bull name. You definitely do not want to name your dog after Harley Quinn if you find that she is a bit timider and chilled out, as this does not really fit the personality of the supervillain. With that being said, your girl pit bull does not need to be villainous either, but a sense of playful rebellion may be just right. If your pit bull is energetic, playful, and has a friendly personality, then this name could be perfect.


A new name in the world of awesome women is Greta Thunberg. This very young, very passionate, and incredible woman has made the entire world hear her voice and her call for societal change in how we treat our environment.

In recent years, the public acceptance of climate change (our biggest global threat) has been adopted by most people around the world. This acceptance took a lot of convincing, patience, and activism. Greta Thunberg has been one of the most influential figures in this fight and has brought global awareness to this environmental crisis.

Since a very young age, Greta has challenged public opinions and participated in protests long before environmentalism became a cool trend in our society. As a teenager, she has done more for our planet’s environment than any other person alive and has stood up to world leaders at UN meetings by challenging their integrity to future generations.

This sort of passion and ambition has led us to think that Greta is a popular and unique name for a girl pit bull. We think this is a particularly great name for a girl pit bull if your pup is showing signs of great charisma and intelligence from an early age - given Greta’s youthful age.

We also think this name is perfect for a girl pit bull that loves being out in nature. Given that Greta is all about the environment and protecting our planet, we can only imagine how much she likes the great outdoors. If your pup’s energy levels skyrocket the second you go out to the dog park, a nature hike, or even just your backyard, Greta could be very fitting.


Now you might be thinking that Billie is not a very common name for a girl and while that might be true, modern pop sensation Billie Eilish would beg to differ, which is why we think this is a popular and unique idea for a girl pit bull name.

At just the age of 20, Billie Eilish has already achieved more than most musicians can hope for in the span of a lifelong career. Her unique style and incredible voice make her one of the most renowned pop artists of all time. She has a fun and upbeat attitude, which is complemented by the depth of her lyrics.

A name like Billie could be a perfect inspiration for a girl pit bull name. We think this name really suits girl pit bulls that display a sense of energy and positivity early on in life. Billie’s lyrics touch upon being sensitive yet at the same time being somewhat of a rebel to society. After spending the first couple of months with your pit bull, you should be able to feel out the vibe that her personality is heading.

If you are finding that your girl pit bull is upbeat, stubborn in all of the right ways, and likes to vocalize her opinions, then Billie Eilish may be the perfect person to name your dog after.


We think that the name Leia has a nice soft touch to it and is a unique name for a girl pit bull which we do not hear too often these days. With that being said, there is nothing wrong with your pup being the underdog down at the dog park.

The main source of inspiration for this name came from the classic Star Wars character, Princess Leia. If you are a fan of this legendary movie series, then a name like Leia has probably got your inner nerd excited.

Princess Leia is adventurous, smart, and a rebel at heart. She helped lead the rebellion to stop the Sith and has left her mark on the galaxy. Star Wars fans around the world love Princess Leia for her witty humor and fearlessness, which has not only made her an amazing character for the franchise but a role model for women to look up to in the real world.

With that being said, this could be a great name for your girl pit bull. If your pup shows great signs of intelligence, charisma, and is a rebel, then Princess Leia could be a great name to consider. Keep an eye on your pup early on to see if she has a playfulness about her and has some humor in her personality.

If you are a diehard Star Wars fan, you may want to go ahead and just name your girl pit bull Leia on principle alone.


When it comes to sweet names for a girl pit bull, few come close to Daisy. This is a classic name for a girl dog but we think it is especially a popular and unique name for a pit bull.

Daisy is a great name for a pit bull that is kind, compassionate, and an absolute sweetheart. A name that reflects these sorts of personality traits is a great way to set an example to any individual that may have a prejudice against pit bulls as being aggressive or mean.

Send the rest of the world a message by naming your tough pit bull something that is as sweet and elegant sounding as Daisy. With that being said, you want to make sure that the name matches the personality of your pit bull.

While we find that most pit bulls are naturally loving and gentle, you may have a tough chick on your hands that is rugged on the inside. As always, be sure to spend at least a month or two getting to know your pup to confirm whether this sort of name truly fits.


We find that Simone is a lovely name and is perfect for most pit bulls regardless of their personalities. It is not the most common name for a dog which could make your pup unique and stand out.

However, one of the main reasons we think that Simone is a great name for a girl pit bull is due to the legendary American gymnast, Simone Biles. Few athletes in this world could ever even fathom achieving what Simone Biles has - with 32 Olympic medals at just the age of 24, she is already considered to be the greatest gymnast of all time and one of the most iconic athletes in all of history. With a long career still to go, we can only imagine how far she will end up going.

We think this is a great name for a girl pit bull with the right personality. Given Simone Bile’s uplifting personality and extreme athleticism, we think this is a great name for a girl pit bull who can resemble similar qualities. If you find that your pit bull’s behavior is very energetic and sporty, this could be a great name to consider.

In addition, we think Simone is a great name for a girl pit bull who shows personality traits that show determination and confidence. This means that your pup should have intelligence and the drive to back up her athletic nature.


The name Malala tends to roll off the tongue quite nicely and is not a common name that we see given to girl pit bulls, which makes it a cool and unique name to consider for your pup.

The name alone already sounds nice but we thought that it would be great to attach it to the iconic Malala Yousafzai. This empowered Pakistani woman has helped women all around the world by spreading her cause for educational and equality rights. Her courageous work in life has earned her a noble piece prize and she is considered to be one of the most influential women of all time.

Malala’s fight for education and equality did not come easy. Having grown up with a political regime that tries to subdue women and deny them equal rights, made her fight for equality an extremely challenging battle against outdated ways of thinking within a society that was intolerant of her activism.

This sort of individual is the perfect person to name your girl pit bull after if you feel that she has some similar personality traits. We think this name is particularly fitting for girl pit bulls that have a lot of intelligence, wisdom, and patience. If your pup is quick to learn and understands how to cope with difficult situations that challenge her abilities and her intellect, then Malala may just be the name for your girl pit bull.

In addition, we think this is a good name for a pit bull that has overcome some challenges in life and continues to show empowerment. A perfect example of this would be if your dog came from a shelter or rescue society.


The name Xena (pronounced Zena) looks as cool as it sounds. It is not every day that you see this name being used and that makes it a unique name for your girl pit bull.

If you were around during the 90s you probably saw this name pop up on your cable TV regularly. During this time, there was a hit TV show called Xena: Warrior Princess which was a fun and exciting show about a tough female warrior. This is a particularly cool concept as there had not been so many ‘tough chicks’ depicted in mainstream media yet. That is until Xena came on the scene and showed the world otherwise.

The show follows Xena on her epic adventures through a mysterious world where the warrior princess is faced with challenges and is constantly fighting and defeating whatever evil comes in her way. This unstoppable woman is tough, fierce, and courageous like no other, which could just make this character a perfect inspiration for your girl pitbull name.

If you find that your pup is athletic, muscular, and bold, she has got all the right traits to be name Xena. However, Xena’s character is also cunning and knows how to act properly in difficult situations. If your girl pit bull does not crack easily under pressure and knows how to handle herself, then this name is an ideal match for your dog.


The name Lois is a classic in American culture and is not used very much these days which could make it a unique name for your girl pit bull.

We think Lois has a nice ring to it, but also we like our comic books and grew up with this name during our childhood. The legendary Lois Lane is none other than Superwoman, which could be a perfect source of inspiration for a girl pit bull name. Whether you are a Marvel or DC fan, there is no denying that Superwoman is one of the badest and toughest women ever to exist in the comic book universe.

Lois Lane gives off the appearance of being just your average working-class woman, much like her counterpart, Clark Kent, but there is much more than meets the eye with this lady. As soon as she senses trouble, a whole new woman comes on the scene - ready for action and to stand up for what is right in this world.

With that being said, we think Lois is a fantastic name to give a girl pit bull that shows signs of bravery and integrity. If your pup displays loyalty, ambition, and obedience, then these are good signs that she has a bit of Lois Lane in her. In addition, being Superwoman involves much more than just superhuman strength. Lois Lane is known for being bright and intuitive, which is why we think that your girl pit bull should be an intelligent dog on top of being courageous.