Housepets, especially dogs, help owners de-stress and feel relaxed. These dogs can be trained to sense anxiety in their owners and help them deal with it.

Although there are many dog breeds to choose from, the best dogs for anxiety include golden retrievers, great Danes, Welsh corgis, Bernards, Newfoundlands, cocker spaniels, and many others. These dogs make their owners feel confident, relaxed, and capable of dealing with stressful situations.

Phases of anxiety are beneficial as they enable us to tackle dangerous situations through increased awareness. However, if you suffer from persistent anxiety and nervousness, perhaps having a dog around the house can help ease your burden. Having pets is a good approach to managing general and elevated anxiety disorders or emotional pain.

As dog trainers and breeders, we've dealt with scores of customers who need dogs to help them deal with their anxiety. As a result, we know which dogs are the best for this purpose. Check out our selection of the best emotional support dog breeds, both purebred and hybrid. These kind companions will undoubtedly brighten your day.

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Best Dogs for Anxiety

Research has proved that owning a dog improves the condition of those suffering from mental health concerns and makes them more likely to help others. Dog ownership also decreases blood pressure, raises serotonin and dopamine in the brain, and even lowers triglycerides and cholesterol, according to additional research.

If you're still on the fence about getting a dog but are also dealing with mental health concerns, dogs can provide companionship and comfort while alleviating loneliness, despair, and anxiety. Many studies have shown that being near your dog and touching and snuggling with them lessens anxiety, melancholy, tension, and even loneliness.

Certain breeds are predisposed to helping their owners unwind and de-stress. And we certainly don't mean that you should get the hyper-active sorts who can drive you insane, but rather the happy-go-lucky ones that can also be great entertainers. Most of these dogs are frequently employed as therapy dogs, helping those who have experienced traumatic events relax and cope with their anxieties. Accident victims, military veterans, and those with mental illness have found relaxation by simply spending time with these incredible dogs.


Boxers have a reputation for being good therapy dogs. They have an innate ability to detect sadness, fear, or dissatisfaction in others. They have a habit of gently nudging their owners as if to inquire whether everything is alright or if there is anything they can do to assist. These extraordinary dogs are gentle and understanding.

When a boxer is in good spirits, they may be quite entertaining and amusing. They enjoy playing as well as human companionship. If these dogs sense that something isn't quite right, they'll most likely follow you everywhere you go for two reasons. First, they will be concerned about your well-being, and second, they genuinely appreciate your company and simply want to be around you.

This is not a dog to be left alone for an extended period of time because they can develop separation anxiety. This born performer is a natural at alleviating anxiety due to their happy-go-lucky demeanor.


Newfoundlands are huge canines that enjoy being in the water. This is the dog for you if you're looking for ways to relieve anxiety and enjoy aquatic activities. He'll join you in almost any type of aquatic fun you can think of. They enjoy coming to the beach and are excellent swimmers.

Newfoundlands will swim alongside you in the sea, then rest by your side on the beach to enjoy some rays. This type of activity can help calm jangled nerves. This bright dog is fiercely devoted, easy to train, and enjoys learning new things. However, they may require adequate exercise sessions - something you and your fur buddy can benefit from. Newfoundlands are affectionate dogs who prefer cuddling with their owners, so you'll have a playmate to sit by your side all the time.

Great Dane

Great Danes are one of the biggest dog breeds around. These giant loveable creatures are gentle, loyal, caring, and obedient when exposed to a warm, loving, social environment. Great Danes are known for their soft nature and tenderness.

They enjoy clowning around and may be quite amusing. Plus, they're highly dependable and intelligent and are always ready to oblige once trained. Great Danes are generally calm and only bark when absolutely required. They have lively personalities and are excellent at reducing anxiety.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers, sometimes known as teacup Yorkies, are a small dog breed. These small puppies are adorable and entertaining to watch. They are courageous and full of enthusiasm. They're also quite friendly, devoted, affectionate, and capable of building strong ties with their owners, which is beneficial to people who suffer from anxiety.

A Yorkie will become your best friend, loyal companion, and a tiny shadow to watch over you when you are troubled. This is partially due to their inquisitive nature and their desire to be in your constant presence. A Yorkshire terrier would be useful to people who are alone and would appreciate having a close friend. However, if you value your privacy and want to be alone at times, this may not be the greatest option for you, as Yorkies will get disappointed if you neglect them.

Cocker Spaniel

Simply sitting back and seeing a well-kept cocker spaniel is an enjoyable experience. They are lovely canines with large, friendly eyes, and curly coats. Their magnificent faces are framed by their lovely ears, which hang downwards. They may be small but have a huge longing to please their owners. Spaniels are intelligent, quick learners, and the majority of them have a steady and calm demeanor that is soothing to be around.

They are not readily irritated and, unless pushed too far, are usually exceedingly tolerant. Cockers are affectionate dogs who enjoy cuddling, yet they are also capable of being independent. They are also very entertaining because of their lively temperament, although they are not hyperactive. Cocker Spaniels are wonderful pets for relieving stress and promoting relaxation.

Welsh Corgi

They are a small dog breed with a reputation for being excellent service dogs. Corgis are one of the most loving dog breeds and have a deep bond with their owners. They are fiercely protective of those they care about. While they are not violent dogs, they will go to any length to protect you from any apparent threats.

Corgis are intelligent dogs who are simple to train. They love to learn new things and are fantastic entertainers. Corgis can be boisterous at times since they enjoy playing and having bursts of energy. This may be the ideal option for you if you don't mind a dog that makes his influence felt.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain dogs are huge dogs; in fact, they're canine giants, but for owners who don't mind a large dog, they're one of the best dogs for anxiety that you can get. This breed is known for having a happy disposition and being affectionate. They are so friendly that they are not suited to become guard dogs because they would jump at the opportunity of making new friends - even criminals who try to break in!

This breed takes longer to grow up fully and stays in the puppy stage longer than most, but that's a good thing because it means they'll be playful and entertaining for a long time. The Bernese Mountain dog may be the right dog for easing your anxiety if you're looking for a big puppy that will make you laugh all the time.


Although St. Bernards are huge dogs, they are incredibly friendly. They are incredibly patient with children, other people, and even small animals that are around. They will defend their families from whatever they perceive to be a threat, although they are not aggressive dogs by nature. They've been employed as service dogs for a long time, especially in search and rescue. They are devoted to their owners and strive to please them. Bernards just want to make you happy, which is why it is best to have these beautiful dogs around when you're experiencing stress or anxiety.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is suitable for those who suffer from anxiety. They are high-spirited, energetic dogs who enjoy pleasing their owners. These dogs enjoy interacting with people and are quite friendly. They appreciate receiving affection from their owners, so if you're looking for a witty and intelligent companion, this could be a fantastic fit.

However, this breed is not the ideal choice for those who seek complete tranquility. They de-stress by making you smile with their ridiculous antics, then snuggling on your lap and embracing you after they've had their fill of entertaining you.

The Dachshund

We can't stress enough the advantages of owning a Dachshund if you suffer from anxiety or stress. These adorable dogs provide the best source of entertainment you can ever get. Because of their small, stubby little legs and long bodies, they are commonly referred to as wiener dogs. But don't be fooled by the strange shape. Dachshunds are small canines that are agile and lively, as well as athletic. They are intelligent creatures who like to engage in activities and pick up new skills quickly.

Be warned, though; they have a habit of being incredibly nosy. They like infiltrating personal space and prefer to do things their own way. They are affectionate canines who are highly loyal to their families. They are very caring and sensitive and will keep you engaged, making them excellent for reducing anxiety and stress. Plus, they're great for helping you forget about your problems because their wacky activities will keep you occupied.


Pugs are the sweetest little dogs, with their huge eyes and smashed-in faces. With their small snuffles and snorts, they're hilarious without even trying. They have a strange tiny bark that isn't really loud but is amusing. They are loving dogs who enjoy giving and receiving attention. However, if you decide to keep more than one dog, they will become jealous and express their sentiments if you lavish too much attention on the other one. Pugs are small friendly dogs with expressive looks and eyes that speak for themselves. They're great for anxiety relief since they're not just entertaining to look at or listen to, but they're also genuinely delightful little buddies who are typically peaceful and upbeat to be around.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are clever dogs who can become the most reliable fur buddy you can ever have with proper training and socialization. They learn new things quickly and like pleasing their owners. They build strong attachments to their owners and are kind to almost everyone they meet. Although they are huge, they are not violent. They appreciate taking part in new activities or simply playing games with you.

These dogs will always be ready to cheer you up and play games with you or just snuggle and be your pal when you're feeling low. This faithful dog makes an excellent friend and is one of the greatest breeds for anxiety and stress relief.

Golden Retriever

Ah, the golden retriever, one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. When they are properly trained and socialized, they become sturdy and dependable. Because of their dependability, intelligence, and drive to please, they are commonly utilized as working dogs. They've been trained to work with people in a variety of roles, including search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, hunters, and fantastic family pets.

However, retrievers require a lot of exercise on a daily basis. If you can exercise safely, taking this dog for a run will help both of you while also strengthening your ties. They effectively reduce stress and anxiety among people thanks to their peaceful and caring demeanor. All this dog really wants in return is for you to give them some admiration when they make you happy.


Poodles are divided into two types: standard and miniature. They are one of the greatest dog breeds for providing psychological assistance. Plus, they are intelligent, attractive, and super easy to train. One of their best qualities is their eagerness to make their owners happy. They are friendly and amiable dogs well-known for their compliance and calm nature. They are extremely loyal and provide an excellent resource for anyone suffering from anxiety. They're frequently utilized as therapy dogs for people suffering from anxiety or despair.


The Havanese is a small dog with a big, loving heart. This sweet little dog is intelligent and easy to train. He's definitely a lapdog who enjoys cuddling with his family members. With his crazy antics, he's also quite fun and entertaining. Havanese are employed as therapy dogs for young kids with disorders, such as autism, because they can help bridge the gap between the two worlds that they cope with on a daily basis.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

King Charles, the Cavalier Spaniels, is a calm and peaceful breed that is noted for being extremely friendly to both humans and animals. They are very bright and simple to train. They're also recognized for being perceptive, which is one of the qualities that makes them such good assistance dogs. They will remain at their owner's side at all times if necessary. They keep a close eye on things and can sense when something is wrong. These dogs are excellent in reducing anxiety and easing stress symptoms. They are quite versatile, and they thrive in both huge homes with lots of open space and smaller homes with compact spaces.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are famed for their strong intellect. They are dogs that are naturally quiet and easy to train. They enjoy both learning and working. They are respectful to their owners and strive to please them. They are affectionate toward youngsters and make wonderful family pets. German shepherds are the ideal companions for reducing anxiety and stress.


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