Walking your dog is not as simple as it may seem. It requires patience, discipline, and the right tools. So how do you find the best training leash for dogs?

Suppose you have a large-breed dog, you might end up with a leash that has smaller-width, shorter length, etc., all of which can lead to the leash fraying and breaking. Similarly, your small dog probably doesn’t need such a gigantic leash. What do you do?

The best training leash for dogs depends on the type of dog you have. Large-breed dogs require leashes made from durable material with strong and wider width. In contrast, smaller dogs can work with thinner leashes. The length of the leash also matters depending on whether your dog is trained or not.

It is important that you are in control when training your dog to walk on a leash and not the other way around. There are many types of leashes available in the market with different materials, harnesses, and durability. Not all are right for every type of dog, so it’s best to consult your veterinarian for suggestions. The selection of the best training leash also depends on whether your dog is trained or not.

In this article, we will discuss the best training leash for dogs available and what you should look for when buying a leash. Let’s get started!

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Types of Dog Leashes

There are several different types of dog leashes available. Let’s discuss the most common in detail.

Flat Lead

These are the most commonly used dog leashes for training. Generally made from nylon and leather, the leash comes in various lengths and width sizes, making it suitable for large and small dogs alike. The leash is usually flat in shape, hence the name, but it also can be round and made from a rubber material.

The versatility of the leash makes it favorable for training and providing freedom to the dog to walk around but regaining control if necessary.


A harness leash is best for dog training. The harness fits around the chest and back and provides a clip on the back, giving the owner more control over the walk. This is great for large-breed dogs or dogs that pull during walking.

It is also easily adjustable and comfortable for the dog. Although, veterinarians recommend going for a front-clip in a harness if your dog is not properly trained.


Although they look fancy, retractable dog leashes fall short in terms of training dogs. The retractable leash was designed to give more freedom to your dog, as the rope can extend up to 30 feet. The owner can easily pull back the rope with a mechanism and not worry about it slacking. This mechanism encourages dogs to pull even more.

Moreover, the rope itself is very thin and provides no shock absorption. So the more your dog pulls, the more the chances of leash burn are. Therefore, it is also not ideal for large-breed dogs.


The martingale lead has a collar and leash separated by loops. The collar can be adjusted according to your dog’s neck size, thus perfect for training and preventing pulling. If your dog pulls, the collar or loop tightens around the neck, giving them discomfort and reminding them not to do that again.

As the collar loop is adjustable, dogs can’t pull their head out, and it provides you more control over the training.


Chain leashes are similar to a standard dog leash; the only difference is the material. A chain leash is ideal for dogs that chew on their leash. They also come in various width sizes and lengths, suitable for all types of dogs. They can also handle additional force. Although your dog might start chewing on chain leashes as well and harm themselves, so be careful.

How to Choose the Best Training Leash for Your Dog

You want the best for your furry baby, and with so many options available, it’s challenging to make a well-informed decision when it comes to choosing the best training leash for dogs.

We have created below a checklist of things you need to look out for when buying a training leash for your dog.


As mentioned above, dog leashes come in a variety of materials. You can get leashes made from nylon, rubber, chain, leather, and more, all varying in their durability and force compatibility. For example, nylon is a common dog leash material and is cheap and durable. In contrast, chain leashes are a little expensive but can last long. On the other hand, leather leashes are the most recommended as they are strong and adaptable.

Length and Width

The length of the leash depends on how much control you want to have during the training. The ideal length for a leash is 6 feet; it provides control to the owner and ample freedom for the dog to move around. You can shorten the leash if your dog is untrained and pulls.

In contrast, the width of the leash depends on the dog's size. For a large-breed dog, you need a wider-width leash that can handle a larger force, whereas, for smaller dogs, a thinner leash works well without any problems.


Last and the most important point: your dog’s breed matters in choosing the best training leash. Choosing the wrong leash can lead to materials irritating your dog’s skin, its hair getting tangled, etc. Additionally, if your dog has tracheal problems, only a certain type of leash will work for them. Thus, before making any decision, consult a dog training professional or veterinarian.

10 Best Training Leash for Dogs

Puppia RiteFit Harness

If you have a dog that is not too large or small, then the Puppia RiteFit Harness is the best training leash for you. The harness is made from breathable polyester mesh that provides maximum comfort to your furry friend. Moreover, the leash clips on the back, so you have control over the walk, and your dog is not being pushed around by their neck, which can be uncomfortable for them.

The belt has separate claps for the neck and the chest and comes in multiple sizes.


  • Provides neck adjustability.
  • Works for cats as well.
  • Prevents pulling during walks


  • Not suitable for small dogs or dogs with tracheal collapse.

PetSafe 3 in 1 Dog Harness

The 3-in-1 PetSafe dog harness is perfect for walking, running, and training. The harness is extremely comfortable and provides 5 adjustment points. The harness provides 2 clip leash areas, front, and back. The front clip and martingale loop prevents pulling and is ideal for training. In contrast, the back clip is perfect for running and quick leash hookup.

This also provides safety for dogs in the car as you can attach the nylon strap directly to the seat belt.


  • 2-Point control leash for added control.
  • Prevents pulling and sprinting.
  • Easy to wash.


  • Weak material – gets stretched and broken after a few months of use.

Puppia Authentic Two-Tone Lead

A standard leash, the Puppia Authentic Two-Tone Lead goes perfectly well with any collar and harness. The lead is made from polyester and can withstand excessive pulling. The leash comes in multiple sizes, including small, medium, and large. That’s not it. It is also available in various colors.


  • Suitable for small dogs.
  • Good quality of the leash.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.


  • Short leash and cheap quality of the clip.

Halti Training Lead for Dogs

The Halti training lead for dogs is made from nylon web and is extremely durable. The lead is ideal for small to medium-sized dogs and, when used in combination with the Halti harness and collars, prevents pulling and provides better control during walks.

It has 2 trigger clips available and provides 2-point control. Moreover, you can try hands-free walking or walk 2 dogs at once with this best training leash.


  • Strong and durable.
  • Prevents pulling.
  • Works best with the Halti harness.


  • Shorter length.

VirChewLy Indestructible Leash for Dogs

If your dog is a chewer, then the VirChewLy leash is the best training leash for them. The leash is made from vinyl-coated steel cable that is flexible, indestructible, chew-proof, and tangle-proof. Although this leash is perfect for any breed, Labrador owners benefit from it greatly. It has a spring-lock attachment so you can easily secure your dog, and the length is also adjustable.

The least is also resistant to rust and odor and is extremely easy to clean.


  • Very strong and chew-proof.
  • Lasts for years.
  • Comes in different sizes.


  • The handle is slippery and sharp and can harm the owner.

Flexi New Neon Retractable Dog Lead

This Flexi New Neon retractable dog lead – the best training leash has an ergonomic handle design that provides a comfortable grip. The leash can extend up to 5m and provides ample freedom to you and your dog. The leash is neon-colored, and the handle has reflective neon stickers attached to the surface, so it’s ideal for low-light areas.


  • Nice and smooth mechanism.
  • Comfortable to hold.
  • Provides better control.


  • Chewable and easily breaks off.

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

If you are worried about choking your dog during training by using the wrong type of leash, don’t worry. The PetSafe Gentle Leader- one of the best training leashes for dogs, has a padded neoprene nose loop that puts pressure on the back of the neck. It doesn’t restrict your dog in any way, and it can comfortably eat, bark, and walk.

It has two adjustable straps, the neck loop, and a head collar, which you can customize according to your dog’s size.


  • Prevents pulling.
  • Suitable for large dogs.
  • Gives you better control during walks.


  • Takes a while for dogs to get used to.

Kurgo 6-in-1 Quantum Dog Leash

Made from strong nylon webbing, the Kurgo 6-in-1 best training leash for a dog is perfect for walking. The leash is made with reflective material, which makes it visible in low-light areas. The leash is clipped on the back, so you have more control over the training, and your dog cannot pull.

According to the name, you can use the leash in 6 ways: hands-free around the waist, walking 2 dogs, 6ft for walking, 3ft for training, cross-body style, and as a tether.


  • Lasts for years – strong and durable.
  • Comfortable to hold.
  • Adjustable length.


  • The clip isn’t easy to get on and off.

FurDreams Retractable Dog Lead

The FurDreams Retractable Lead is made from nylon and can be rotated 360 degrees. The leash can extend up to 5m and offers you control and freedom to the dog. It has a non-slip handle that reduces friction burns and consists of lock control. The lock has 4 mechanisms: lock, unlock, free, and pause.


  • Prevents pulling and jerking during walks.
  • Perfect for large dogs and can handle extra force.
  • Sturdy and smooth reel-in mechanism.


  • Doesn’t unlock easily.
  • Poor quality.

Musonic No Pull Dog Harness

Made from soft and breathable nylon fabric, the Musonic No Pull Harness is the best training leash. It provides two adjustment points, collar and chest, and is very comfortable. The training leash provides you maximum control over walking and prevents pulling and lunging. Moreover, you don’t end up choking your dog when trying to control them.

The clip-and-go feature makes it very easy and fast to put on the leash and provides ultimate convenience.


  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Prevents pulling.
  • Easy to put on and off.


  • Measure correctly before buying, or it will break quickly.

A leash might seem insignificant, but it’s not. With the best training leash for your dog, you can simplify training, have more control over walks, and prevent pulling, lunging, or anything that can harm your dog.

Keep the checklist mentioned above in mind and choose a leash that suits your dog’s breed, size, comfort, and experience level.


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