If you are a dog owner, one of the questions that you may be wondering when you take your furry friend out for a ride is what is the best car harness for dogs.

Through my own experience as a dog owner, I have found Tru-Fit, Pawaboo, Slow Ton, Sleepypod, ZuGoPet, EzyDog, Ruffwear, Mighty Paw, Solvit, and Dog Nation to be some of the very best dog harness manufacturers in the market.

As a pet parent, your dog’s safety and comfort are at the top of your list of priorities. A car ride is fun for a dog but few people understand that having a pet in your car can make driving very dangerous. In addition, an unsecured dog in a car can become easily injured even due to minor bumps. Therefore, it is important to consider a number of factors when buying a car harness for your dog.

I have tried and tested many dog harnesses throughout the years on my numerous dogs. Some of them have caught my eyes because of their incredibly secure crash-tested features and the comfort they provide to my furry friends. Let’s take a look at them.

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Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Dog Harness

The KurgoTru-Fit Enhanced Strength Dog Harness comes in five different sizes for 5 to 110-pound dogs. The harness has five adjustment points to perfectly fit your dog and a padded chest plate that ensures total comfort for your furball.

Made with natural fibers and reinforced with steel, Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Dog Harness is a great option for dog parents who like to go on long rides with their dogs.

It is available in black and red color and is available in different sizes. Best of all, the harness has been crash-tested with dogs up to 130 pounds at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Key Features

  • D-ring provides improved stability
  • Available in five different sizes with five adjustments points
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Offers optimal comfort and protection
  • Solid, steel-enforced harness
  • Tested on dogs up to 130 pounds


  • No reflective stitching
  • Swivel attachment needs to be purchased separately

Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness

Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness is a high-quality vest that comes in four different sizes and offers good restraint for pet owners on a budget. The harness features a standard but effective design with two adjustable straps, a padded front, and a D-ring on the back that connects to a seatbelt accessory that is included with the purchase.

The heavy-duty harness loops over the dog’s head and two buckles snap on at the back of the dog’s body. The harness also includes a leash if you want to take your dog out for a walk. Made of 100% Oxford fabric, the harness is extremely durable and will serve your canine companion for years.

Key Features

  • Made of durable and breathable Oxford fabric
  • Air mesh padding for breathability and comfort
  • Broad sponge padding for excellent safety


  • Can fit from Chihuahuas to Retrievers
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Harness can be attached to the seatbelt
  • Comes with a leash for dog walking during travels
  • Comes in a wide variety of beautiful colors


  • The detachable seatbelt is a little shorter than average
  • Does not fit larger varieties of dogs 

Slow Ton Dog Car Harness Plus Connector Strap

Slow Ton Dog Car Harness and Connector Strap offer the perfect combination to protect your puppy during a crash. The harness's smallest size has a neck girth of 8.6 inches and a chest girth of 11 inches. The double D-ring design offers easy access for leash attachment and comes with two buckles that snap in and out for easy use. Even the most energetic pet won’t be able to break out of this harness.

The front of the harness is made up of breathable mesh fabric. A loop goes around the neck of the dog while the front of the vest rests on the dog’s chest. The seatbelt connector accessory ensures a snug fit and comes with a 360-degree rotation metal buckle. It has an elastic bungee band that is designed to absorb shock in case of a crash and the adjustable nylon straps of the harness will keep your dog in the safest position.

Key Features

  • Comes with a seatbelt connector with a 360-degree rotation metal buckle
  • Made of breathable mesh fabric
  • The chest strap contains two buckles that make it easy to strap the harness to your dog


  • Two D-rings on the back of the vest offer extra safety
  • Equipped with a shock-resistant bungee band
  • The buckle attachment can be shortened and lengthened according to the harness size
  • The harness clip swivels allowing free range motion
  • Comes in nine beautiful colors including pink, red, blue, purple, green, and more
  • Available in six different sizes
  • Very affordable


  • The front of the vest does not offer a lot of cushioning
  • According to some reviews, the harness does not have a long life

Sleepypod Clickit Sport Dog Safety Harness

Sleepypod Clickit Sport Dog Safety Harness is stylish that offers a lot of comfort, not to mention, security to your dog. The harness offers three different points of seatbelt contact that reduce the risk of jerks and is equipped with automotive-grade seatbelt webbing that offers the most safety.

The vest’s exterior construction is crafted from ballistic nylon that is designed to disperse the brunt of a damaging force and it has undergone intensive safety testing by the Center for Pet Safety. The harness can also be used as a walking harness as it comes with a D-rink leash attachment.

Key Features

  • Three-point infinity loop design of the vest reduces forward and sideways movement in case of a crash
  • Crash tested by the Center for Pet Safety
  • Ballistic nylon construction designed to absorb damaging force
  • Is equipped with a D-rink leash attachment for walking


  • Very safe, comfortable, and easy to use
  • Doubles as a walking harness
  • Comes in three beautiful colors including Strawberry Red, Orange Dream, and Jet Black


  • No reflective stitching
  • Unsuitable for dogs with large chests but tiny waists like Greyhounds, Afghan Hounds, Whippets, Salukis, and Borzois

ZuGoPet Rocketeer Pack

The ZuGoPet Rocketeer Pack multifunctional harness is a full car harness kit that is designed to keep your pet safe from injury and comfortable during a ride in your car. The unique feature of this harness is that you can detach it from the car upon reaching your destination and use it as a dog carrier wherever you go. The harness doubles as a backpack and a front pack and allows you to carry your furry friend wherever you go.

The Rocketeer Pack harness comes in five different sizes: extra small (9” to 10.9”), small (11” to 12.99”), medium (13” to 14.99”), large (15” to 16.99”), and extra-large (17” to 19”). Make sure you buy the right fit for your dog as a poorly fitting harness is useless in a crash.

The Rocketeer Pack is certified by the Center for Pet Safety and is crash-safety tested at two different facilities, getting perfect 5-star scores in both of them. Hence, it is vet-approved.

Key Features

  • Multifunctional harness that can be used as a backpack or front pack
  • Secures the dog in an upright begging position against the back of the car seat
  • Comes with a safety-rated seatbelt and fits most cars


  • Comes in five different sizes
  • Certified by Center for Pet Safety
  • The four-point restraint design prevents dogs from moving around the car
  • Fits a variety of different breeds comfortably


  • Allows almost no movement for your dog, which can make some pets unhappy
  • Available only for dogs weighing 25 pounds or less

EZYDog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness

EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness has a tri-glides construction from aluminum alloy and vehicle-tested seatbelt webbing that are the best quality material used in the industry. The vest is very lightweight and breathable providing the most comfort to your dog. The chest pad is made of EVA that is used to absorb damaging force, protecting your furry companion’s body from the impact of the car crash. The vest is also easy to secure, thanks to its Dual SR buckle system: all you need to do is pass the seatbelt through the handles and you are all set.

EzyDog is dedicated to conforming its product designs to combine child safety and car interior standards, placing their dog first at every step of the testing process.

Key Features

  • Aluminum alloy tri-glides offer maximum durability
  • Equipped with Dual SR buckle closure for easy closing and opening
  • Ergonomically-designed crash-tested chest plate


  • Very convenient, lightweight, and durable
  • Premium-quality material used for construction
  • Safety harness vigorously tested in compliance with USA (FMVSS 213), Australia (ADR42/04), and Europe (ECE Regulation 21qas9i


  • Cannot double as a walking harness
  • No reflective stitching
  • Available in only black

Ruffwear Load Up Vehicle Restraint Harness for Dogs

Ruffwear Load Up Vehicle Restraint Harness is a metal strength-rated vest that is one of the most durable and secure harnesses in the market. The harness has been crash-tested repeatedly to ensure it passes the US and Europe compliance requirements.

Ruffwear harnesses are very secure and comfortable to use. The company has tested its products at MGA Research Corp, a facility that belongs to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The dynamic tests comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards of 2013.

The harness also comes with a universal seatbelt with which you can strap your dog safely in any type of car. Although the harness is more expensive, it is worth the cost.

Key Features

  • Metal strength-rated vest for maximum durability
  • Comes with a universal seatbelt which can be used in any car
  • Offers maximum flexibility allowing your dog to sit, stand, and lie down


  • Products crash-tested by MGA Research Corp
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to gear up your dog and make adjustments


  • Only one color available
  • More expensive than other brands

Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Harness

Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Harness is one of the best car harnesses for dogs that also double as a walking harness. The harness is made of durable material that is enforced with metal, offering superior protection to your dogs in the event of an accident. The parts that are not metal are made of waterproof material, protecting your pet from the elements. The vest is closed with a stainless steel electroplated snap hook.

The harness is extremely lightweight and comes in four different sizes, ranging from 16 inches to 44 inches in girth. Pet owners may also be interested in getting the Mighty Paw Safety Belt which can be bought separately and can attach to your vehicle's LATCH system that prevents it from coming loose.

Key Features

  • Made of metal-enforced material with waterproof fabric
  • Extremely durable and lightweight
  • Adjustable dog harness for a perfect fit
  • Electroplated snap hook is extremely sturdy


  • Comes in four different sizes for various breeds
  • Machine washable
  • Has excellent reflective stitching


  • Vest tested privately
  • Mighty Paw Safety Belt is not included in the package and can be bought safely
  • Size may be loose on very small dog breeds

Solvit PetSafe Deluxe Car Safety Dog Harness

SolvitPetSafe Deluxe Car Safety Dog Harness is a good option for people making short trips with their dogs. The harness has been rigorously tested up to a whopping 3,000 pounds in a DOT-approved facility, making it extremely durable. The vest has a padded chest to maximize the comfort of your pet.

The harness comes in four different sizes for six to 120-pound dogs. It also has a leather belt that attaches to the car’s seatbelt. For more security, we also recommend you buy a separate safety tether that can attach to the car's LATCH system like the one Mighty Paw has for its harnesses.

Key Features

  • Padded chest for maximum comfort
  • Comes with a leather tether that can attach to the car’s seatbelt for maximum protection
  • Comes with a leash attachment for dog walking


  • Comes in four different sizes
  • Rigorously tested at Calspan’s Buffalo crash test facility and passed Pet Products Standards Council’s testing
  • Crash-tested up to 3,000 pounds


  • Comes in a single style and colorway
  • No reflective stitching on the vest

DEXDOG Chest Plate Harness

DEXDOG Chest Plate Harness is one of the most popular harnesses out there for dogs of all sizes. If you want your dog to make a statement, this is the harness that you want. The vibrant colors of the harness are great for fun-loving dogs; however, its benefits are not just esthetic but practical as well.

The harness allows your dog a full range of movement as it does not restrict shoulders or legs. The harness also comes with a padded chest that offers superior protection to your furry friend's soft body.

Another great feature of this harness is that it comes with reflective stitching that can illuminate your dog’s body in conditions of low visibility. You can also buy a matching DEXDOG leash to turn it into a dog walking harness.

Key Features

  • Padded chest plate for maximum protection
  • Come with sliding clips on the strap that can be cinched to provide your pooch a perfect fit
  • Comes with reflective detailing for improved visibility of your dog


  • Comes in a variety of fun and vibrant colors
  • Offers a full range of movement for your pup
  • Maximum protection and comfort


  • Leash does not come with the harness 

It is worth noting that there are other ways to restrain your dog while traveling. These include booster seats, dog hammocks, and cage barriers. However, keep in mind that dog car harnesses are the ones that have been tested by the Center for Pet Safety for car crashes.

As it stands, dog harnesses are the best way to protect your pooch when traveling by car as well as guaranteeing them maximum comfort.


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Russell Wright

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